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In a skincare industry full of the words “Anti-Aging” this and “Age Defying” that,  we were always uncomfortable as a company to follow in the same footsteps as our competitors, as we saw the usage of these kinds of words and marketing as a misrepresentation of reality that promotes the wrong messages.  Initially, we reluctantly fell in line until we quickly decided as owners that enough was enough. Aging should not be feared and we are tired of these unrealistic expecations pushed on society.  Beauty always remains no matter what the age, and we want to promote this message as much as we can. There has never been anything wrong with facial care and it’s treatments to promote healthy and beautiful looking skin. What has been wrong is the messages that the beauty industry has chosen to correlate it with.

Our five piece AGE WITH BEAUTY Set is an amazing creation of dedicated hard work and advanced in-depth science to provide your skin the health it needs and the beautiful glow to match your personality.  We invite you to try our AGE WITH BEAUTY products, and in 1-2 months of use we are confident you will notice the results and benefits for your skin.

The following is a detailed list and description of many of our amazing active ingredients contained within our AGE WITH BEAUTY Line:

Avocado Oil: High in Sterolin as well as increases Collagen Production which softens the skin and reduces age spots.  Very rich in Antioxidants and Omega-3 Fatty Acids making it very useful for healing sun-damaged skin and leaving it supple and smooth.

Jojoba Oil: Used for centuries by Native Americans to treat wounds, Jojoba is an excellent anti-bacterial agent, anti-inflammatory agent, and moisturizer especially effective for treating dry skin and helping create a healthy glow and appearance to aging skin.

Grape Seed Oil: Excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties with a very high Vitamin E Content.  Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant known to battle cancer inducing free radicals.

Shea Butter:  Extracted from the nut of the African Shea Tree, Shea Butter is a rich and cream substance that has natural soothing and moisturizing properties.  Full of nutrients, including Vitamins A and E which has many healing properties and quite known to aid in blemish treatment, wrinkle reduction, and eczema and dermatitis treatment.

Aloe Leaf: Used medicinally for thousands of years, Aloe is a well-known skin soother and serves as an anti-inflammatory.  Contains Aloin, which can block up to 30 percent of the ultraviolet rays of the sun when applied to the skin.  Also contains many enzymes which are known to rejuvenate aged tissues and promote healthy skin.

Grape Extract: Rich in flavonoids which produce antioxidant activity believed to prevent and control many ailments by safeguarding cells against unstable oxygen molecules called free radicals.

Japanese Green Tea: Highly known to fight damage from excessive sun and environmental damages to the skin.  This ancient Asian plant has the ability to prevent free radicals from damaging cell structure further.

Wild Mushroom: Is a known natural astringent that is shown to improve skin tightness and firmness through diminishing the appearance of pores.

Cucumber: Also a natural astringent that helps to tighten the pores. Provides a soothing feel to the skin and is commonly used as an anti-inflammatory, skin-soother, and skin conditioner.

Olive Squalane:  A known antioxidant derived from Olives with excellent moisturization and hydration qualities that prevents UV damage and the formation of age spots, promotes cell growth and is an antibacterial. Has a highly unique ability to completely and rapidly penetrate the skin. Studies have shown it to permeate into the skin at a rate of 2 mm/second. Studies have also shown that certain carcinogenic chemicals are inactivated when exposed to squalane over a period of time.

Acqua Biomin®: Ocean minerals with very high amounts of Selenium, Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Calcium, Germanium intended to replace these necessary minerals depleted through daily environmental exposure.

Guarana: Derived from the seeds of a South American tree in the Amazon, it is an excellent antioxidant that will replenish the look of your skin. It helps in preventing the fast degradation of the skin tissues that is brought by oxidative stress.

Chamomile: Excellent healing and antioxidant properties derived from a daisy-like flower, which contain volatile oils (including bisabolol, bisabolol oxides A and B, and matricin) as well as flavonoids (particularly a compound called apinegin) and other therapeutic substances.

Tamarind Seed: Tamarind seed boosts skin elasticity, skin repair, and provides excellent hydration and smoothness. This contains hyaluronic acid that helps in skin moisturization and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

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